International Tourism is a Non Profit Organization that Protects the rights of Tourists, With the help of locals. It’s our goal to be active in every major city in the future.


There are over 158.000.000 reported thefts a year world wide, thats 432.876.71 per day,

But it does not have to be this way.

At international tourism We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how.

To prevent thiefs and robbers from taking advantage of you and your loved onces. We are building a crime alert app that shows you all the latest crimes that happened within your city. We will work with locals to find the suspect in question.

Togheter we will make your stay safer and more pleasant.

About Us

We Are a small team of volunteers trying to solve a big problem within major cities. With the help of technology, security guards, the police, locals and your support.

Togheter we can fight agains injustice done against everyone that way we will make this

Get involved

How you can help?

There are a few things you could do today:

1 download our crime alert app.

2  Start a fundraiser we will send you promotional material with our logo on it. Feel free to send us emails.

3 If everyone who visits our page donated a small amount 5 dollar fee. We could guarantee someone elses safety.


Email us at:

Soon you can follow our newsletter, facebook page and blog:)

Togheter we can make a difference

Feel free in every country you visit!

Our Mission Statement

To make tourist feel safe and pleasant abroad. We are striving to become active in every major city.